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1.4362 - Lean Duplex with national technical approval (Z-1.4-228)

SCHEIBINOX is the only technical approved manufacturer of cold worked stainless steel reinforcement in grade 1.4362 on the German market. Since 2007 we have been registered by DIBt, Berlin under Z-1.4-228 with steel grade 1.4362 and constantly supervised by the Material Testing Office Dortmund. We have been the first manufacturer of stainless steel reinforcement in this significant more cost-effective steel grade on the german market and are still the only manufacturer for cold worked stainless steel reinforcement in grade 1.4362 with national technical approval. We are proud of this achievement since nowadays 1.4362 is one of s most frequently used steel grade in the building industry.

Steel Grade 1.4362 is classified as corrosion resistance class 3 by Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing in Berlin. According to our national technical approval, 1.4362 exhibits the following mechanical properties:

  • Yield Strenght minimum ≥700 N/mm2
  • Tensile Strenght minimum ≥800 N/mm2
  • Minimum Agt of 2,5%
  • Minimum Re/Rm ratio: 1.05
  • Excellent Processability

On request we gladly send you our national technical approval of our 1.4362

Lean Duplex 1.4362
Designation x 2 CrNiN 23 4
AISI S32304
Type Class A (low ductility)
Structure austenitic-ferritic (duplex)
Corrosion Resistance Class 3
Magnetism yes
Tensile Strenght Rm ≥800 N/mm2
Yield Strenght Rp 0,2 ≥700 N/mm2
Agt ≥2,5%
Technical Approval Z-1.4-228
Date of Approval Mai 31st 2007
Nominal Diameters 6 − 12 mm



1.4362 Duplexstahl


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