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Inoxripp4486® - New Lean Duplex with national technical approval (Z-1.4-261)

Our new technical approved lean Duplex Inoxripp4486® is a special chemical composition of steel grade 1.4482 (S32001). Inoxripp4486® is a cold worked high ductility stainless steel. Inoxripp4486® has not only exceptional mechanical properties but also a reasonable and steady price.

Inoxripp4486® is classified as corrosion resistance class 3 by Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing in Berlin. Even though the standard version of steel grade 1.4482 (S32001) will eventually be classified as corrosion resistance class 2 in the EN standard, our Inoxripp4486® will stay in corrosion resistance class 3 in the future. This was confirmed by the Material Testing Office North Rhine-Westphalia (MPA NRW) as well as the German Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing in Berlin (DIBt).

On top of that, Inoxripp4486® exhibits the following mechanical properties:

  • Yield Strenght minimum ≥700 N/mm2
  • Tensile Strenght minimum ≥800 N/mm2
  • Minimum Agt of 5% (normally minimum 10%)
  • Minimum Re/Rm ratio: 1.08 (normally 1.12)
  • Excellent Processability (similar to our steel grade 1.4362)

On request we gladly send you our national technical approval of our Inoxripp4486®

Lean Duplex Inoxripp4486®
Designation x 2 CrMnNiMoN 21 5 3
AISI S32001
Type Class B (high ductility)
Structure austenitic-ferritic (duplex)
Corrosion Resistance Class 3
Magnetism yes
Tensile Strenght Rm ≥800 N/mm2
Yield Strenght Rp 0,2 ≥700 N/mm2
Agt ≥5% (generally >10%)
Technical Approval Z-1.4-261
Date of Approval Sept. 3rd 2013
Nominal Diameters 6 − 14 mm





Corrosion Report (ger)


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