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Other Stainless Steel Products

In addition to our main stainless steel reinforcement products such as coils, rebars, bending parts and mats, we also produce other stainless steel products on request. Some of these products are listed in the following:

Stainless Steel binding wire

Stainless steel binding wire in grade 1.4301, diameter 1.4mm, is available in

  • app. 30 kg coils
  • 500 g bundles for a convenient and handy connection of stainless steel reinforcement on site.

Concrete-bar spacer

Our concrete-bar spacer Inoxripp is a stainless steel reinforcement underpinning in order to maintain the distance between upper and lower stainless steel reinforcement positions.

We produce concrete-bar spacers of our stainless steel reinforcement in grade Inoxripp4486®, 1.4362 or 1.4571 in accordance with you design.

  • Standard lenght: 2 meter (individual lenghts on request)
  • Height: individual in accordance with your needs

Welded parts

We produce high quality welded parts of cold worked ribbed stainless steel by resistance spot welding according to your design and in small quantities. Please feel free to contact us.


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