Scheibinox - Reinforcing Steel

SCHEIBINOX is one of the leading German manufacturers for stainless steel reinforcements. We run a family-owned business in Kamp-Lintfort, Western Germany. We're producing cold-working steel to reinforcement rebars, meshes and bending parts. Our German Motto "bewehrt rostfrei" is a play of words in the German language that describes our passion for stainless steel. We provide our products to clients all over the planet and support them from the date of their first order to the day construction completes.


Years of experience with stainless steels


Employees in production and operations


Products certified by the German DIBt


Clients and counting - domestic and international

Application and use of stainless steel reinforcement

Stainless steel reinforcements are mainly being used when structures get in touch with water directly or with humidity, moisture or chloride. Improving the stability of concrete floors, it also provides a fresh perspective to architects and designers, making ceilings and floors thinner but still sturdier.

Stainless steel building bridges	<br>
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Pillars and caps are under constant chloride influence.
Application in connection components<br>
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Connection components

Minimizing the risk of corrosion for components with expansion joints, e.g. for balcony connections.
Application Precast concrete building parts
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Precast construction parts

Thinner precast parts reinforced by stainless steel make the parts even more stable.
Application Parking Structures<br>
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Parking Structures

Minimizes the risk of cracks in concrete and therefore protects the structure from moisture and chlorides
Application in walls<br>
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Wall lintels

Wall lintels become a lot more sturdy with stainless steel reinforcements
Application in tunnels
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Tunnel Construction

Maintenance of tunnel walls, mounts und protective walls becomes more affordable.
Application in harbors<br>
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Harbor areas

Prevents corrosion due to the influence of salt water

Advantages of stainless steel reinforcements

Stainless steel reinforcement prevents corrosion and gives reinforced concrete maximum stability and long-lasting reliability at critical points. Corrosion damage occurs in practically all areas of the infrastructure and not only jeopardizes the safety and stability of structures, but also leads to considerable repair and maintenance costs. This damage and the resulting costs can be avoided by focusing on sustainability right from the design stage and using stainless steel at critical points right from the start.


Stainless steel reinforcement is 100% recyclable and therefore an ecologically sustainable product.


Avoiding corrosion damages, stainless steel contributes vastly to the longevity of all structures built with it.

Cost Efficiency

Thinner concrete ceilings, fewer corrosion damages, reduced maintenance cost - stainless steel products literally save money.

Our steel grades and products

We produce cold-worked stainless reinforcing steel in steel grades 1.4362, 1.4571 and our Inoxripp4486 in diameters 6 to 14 mm. In addition, we offer hot-rolled stainless steel reinforcement in diameters from 16 to 32 mm. We supply coils, rebars, brackets and bent parts as well as stainless steel meshs according to customer requirements.

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Steel rebars

Stainless steel rebars in lengths up to 12m
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Duplex Steel, Certified by German DIBt, B700B NR
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Stainless steel reinforcement in coils of up to 2 metric tons
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Grade 1.4362

Duplex steel, certified by German DIBt, B500A NR
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Bending Parts

Stainless steel as bending part, tailored to the clients needs
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Grade 1.4571

Austenite grade, certified by German DIBt, B500B NR
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Stainless Steel meshes for Hoesch-Additive-floor

Why choose SCHEIBINOX?

As a mid-size family-run business, staying in close personal touch with our clients is one of our biggest priorities. We also stand for a fast, unbureaucratic approach to all of our processes. We're flexible and efficient and we will guide you through your project from blueprinting to operations - just get in touch with us, we're here to help.


Just a few kilograms or a even few hundred tons - there's no such thing as an order too small or too large.


Our products have been certified by the German authorities and are therefor under constant supervision - by third parties and by us.

Fast delivery

Ordered concrete but forgot about reinforcements? We're fast enough to fill the gap.

These companies count on SCHEIBINOX

Our clients are long-lasting relationships. They come from all places - from the construction industry, concrete manufacturing, trading - you name it. It doesn't matter if you need a standard product or a custom solution. We'll find one for whichever challenge you might be facing.

Our certifications

As you might have noticed, certifications are a very important thing in the German construction industry, especially if you're working with for or with the government. This is why we're under constant supervision by the German government branches assuring the quality and consistency of our products and grades. We meet these standards every single day and we pass every audit. We are certain of the quality of our steel - for good reasons.