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Stainless Steel Reinforcement - a Solution for the Future

Stainless steel reinforcement is the optimal solution for preventing corrosion and ensuring highest stability and long-term reliability in critical building areas. Damages due to corrosion occur in almost every area of modern infrastructures. As an example, Germany´s federal roads comprise approximately 1.200 Steel bridges with an area of more than 15 million square meters, that are exposed to weather conditions and corrosion. Corrosion damage not only endangers the safety and stability of these buildings, but also require extensive maintenance and repairs which lead to considerable financial expenses. The yearly costs that arise due to corrosion are estimated to be around 4% of the gross domestic product. This estimation includes only the direct costs, such as maintenance, repairs, rebuilding and monitoring. Additional indirect costs as damage to persons or the environment, e.g. due to leakage of harmful substances, as well as road work-related downtimes are not considered. Especially in highway traffic, road works due to maintenance lead to miles long traffic jams, which result in economic and environmental damage.

This damage and the consequential costs can be prevented by choosing sustainable solutions, such as stainless steel reinforcement, at the beginning of construction.

What is cold worked stainless steel reinforcement?

Cold worked ribbed stainless steel reinforcement is an alternative solution for the problem of corrosion in critical building areas. Stainless steel is characterized by a high ratio of chrome, which is at least 10,5%. Chrome is necessary to generate a passive layer that protects the steel from corrosion. This passive layer is a continuous surface layer, which is able to regenerate itself once the surface is damaged. Therefore the resistance against corrosion is always preserved (in contrast to other concepts, e.g. zinc-coating). The resistance against corrosion raises with a higher concentration of chrome as well as with additional alloying elements such as nitrogen or molybdenum.

Cold worked ribbed stainless steel reinforcement is a high alloy stainless steel, which, owing to the cold rolling process, maintains its shape and appearance. Due to the cold rolling process the grain structure zone is compressed and stretched and this results in an increase in strength and yield strength. At the same time the steel gets three longitudinal rib rows with diagonal ribs rolled on whereas, according to DIN, one of these rows has to be formed in the opposite direction. At SCHEIBINOX® these diagonal rib rows carry the following registered manufacturer's mark.

Advantages of cold worked ribbed stainless steel reinforcement?

Cold worked ribbed stainless steel reinforcement can be cast into concrete without any prior coating like a zinc coat or a plastic coat. A continuous protection from corrosion is ensured through its passive, self-regenerating surface layer − even when the surface is damaged. Since the steel does not corrode and thus the surface remains free from damage, its cross-section as well as its weight-bearing capacity remains constant in the long run. Even if the steel is stored outdoors over a long period, no corrosion of the ribbed surface will occur. Therefore a high adhesion between the steel and the concrete is always ensured. This is why any damage occuring in the surrounding concrete necessitates only a repair of the concrete. Furthermore, while using cold worked ribbed stainless steel reinforcement, a considerable reduction of concrete cover is permitted. This leads to a significant reduction in the dead load of the structure without affecting its safety or durability.

Where can cold worked ribbed stainless steel reinforcement be applied?

Corrosion-resistant, lean duplex steel (Inoxripp4486® and 1.4362) as well as austenitic steel (1.4571) are being applied more and more frequently in the modern building industry since they opened up new perspectives for building owners and architects. Especially lean duplex steel are an emerging solution due to the fact that they posses excellent mechanical properties as well as a stable price.

The application possibilities of cold worked ribbed stainless steel reinforcement lie primarily in the following areas:

  • primary safety structures
  • sensitive lap joints
  • contact with water
  • permanent humidity
  • parts under high and permanently changing loading
  • major construction

Typical application areas are:

  • tunnels
  • bridges
  • road construction
  • airports
  • multi-storey buildings
  • barrages
  • unsupported superstructures or additions
  • suspended stone curtain walls
  • masonry lintel



Conventional BST 500 after
2 weeks outdoors
Our stainless steel reinforcement
after more then 4 weeks outdoors
Burst exposed concrete caused by the application of conventional steel


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