Steel Grade Inoxripp4486

New lean duplex with national technical approval (Z-1.4-261)

Summary for Inoxripp4486

Behind the brand name Inoxripp4486 lies our latest steel grade approved by the German technical authority and approval body DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik), which makes full use of the technical advantages of cold-working while at the same time being more cost-effective than most comparable materials.

Inoxripp4486 is a special type of the material 1.4482 and thus falls into the category of lean duplex materials (comparable to V4A). In contrast to conventional 1.4482, our Inoxripp4486 ensures that it always has corrosion resistance class III. This classification was made by the German Institute for Material Testing (BAM) in Berlin and confirmed by both the Material Testing Office (MPA) in the German state NRW and the DIBt in Berlin - regardless of the standard variant of 1.4482.

Cold-worked Inoxripp4486 shines with outstanding mechanical properties. On the one hand, it has the high tensile strengths (>800 MPa) and yield strengths (>700 MPa) typical for cold-worked duplex steels. In addition, unlike other cold-worked duplex steel grades, it is highly ductile with excellent elongation values (>5%). This unique combination creates new opportunities for planners and architects.

Since September 2013, our cold-worked steel Inoxripp4486 in dimensions 6-14mm have been approved by the DIBt under approval number Z-1.4-261. This technical approval got updated in January 2020 so our Inoxripp4486 can be used for many applications as B700B NR. In addition, in February 2018, we received the national technical approval Z-1.4-273 for hot-rolled Inoxripp4486 in dimensions 16-20mm, making us the only company to have a technical approval for this diameter range in this corrosion resistance class.

Grade Properties

Spec Wert
Description x 2 CrMnNiMoN 21 5 3
Category vergleichbar A4
Texture duplex
Corrosion resistance class Class 3
Elastic Modulus 200000
Magnetism Yes


6-14 mm Always available, Coil, Bending-Parts, Mesh, Rebars

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Diameter-based properties

Spec 6-14 mm
Type B 700B NR
Production Process cold formed
Tensite Strength (Rm) >= 800 N/mm²
Yield Strength (Re) >= 700 N/mm²
Re, actual / Re, nominal <= 1.3
Rm / Re >= 1.08
Agt >= 5% (normally >= 10%)
German tech. approval Z-1.4-261
First admission 03. Sep 2013
Valid until 03. Sep 2023

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