Corrosion resistance class 3 for our Inoxripp4486®

06. Januar 2015von Andreas Zeller

It is expected that in the near future steel grade 1.4482 (S32001) will be included as corrosion resistance class 2 into the EN standard. However this only applies for the standard version of steel grade 1.4482 (S32001) and not for our Inoxripp4486®.

Inoxripp4486® was especially developed as a special chemical composition of steel grade 1.4482 (S32001) to ensure that it is classified as corrosion resistance class 3, also in the future. Furthermore, this classification was explicitly done prior to the application for the federal technical approval since corrosion resistance class 3 is a basic requirement for getting the approval. The corresponding report is available an can be downloaded.

On our request the Material Testing Office North Rhine-Westphalia (BAM NRW) as well as the German Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing in Berlin (DIBt) confirmed that our Inoxripp4486® will stay in corrosion resistance class 3, independant of the classification of the standard version of steel grade 1.4482 (S32001).

Please find further information about our Inoxripp4486® and the corrosion report on the product site at Inoxripp4486® our on the site Downloads.