Bending Parts

Stainless concrete steel bending parts

Stainless steel bending parts

Corrosion becomes a factor on construction-sites close to the sea or any sort of water for that matter. This is why our stainless bending parts are also becoming a more common product to be used. Contractors and concrete module manufacturers are our most common clients for this type of product.

In everyday business, those parts are ordered late in the construction process. The reason for this is simple: Blueprints often just have an acronym for "stainless" for those parts, so this easily gets missed. However, a specific material with a high corrosion resistance class is needed here.

We manufacture those parts specifically as they are defined in the blueprints provided by the client. We deliver these bundles directly to your construction site - fast and reliable.

Product Information

We manufacture bending parts and bows as cold-worked stainless steel from all of our grades (diameters 5 mm to 14 mm) directly from a steel coil. We can also provide diameters from 16 to 32 mm as hot-rolled stainless steel.

We are certified for processing stainless concrete steel, which is why we're exclusively working stainless steel grades on our bending and straightening machines. When processing stainless steel reinforcement we follow the same regulations and guidelines as with normal steel reinforment, e.g. bending mandrels of 4*d for dimensions 6mm - 16mm and 7*d for 20mm - 32mm. Possible tolerances of specific bending parts are defined in our technical delivery terms.

  • Stainless concrete steel as bending parts in steel grades Inoxripp4486, 1.4362 und 1.4571
  • Custom steel grades on request
  • Cold-worked bending parts (diameters 6 mm - 14 mm)
  • Hot-rolled bending parts (diameters 16 mm - 32 mm)
  • Manufacturing according to client blueprint or product list
  • Post-production in accordance with bending guidelines for concrete steel

Delivery Information

There's a weatherproof label attached to every production unit that we deliver. Quality assurance certificates according to DIN EN 10204 contain all of the mechanical properties for this particular material.

  • Weatherproof labeling
  • Certificate 3.1 according to DIN EN 10204
  • Bundled according to list or client request
  • Fixated with steel band or stainless wire
  • Packaged as box, pallet or on wooden beams (depending on size)
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