Why choose Scheibinox

Maintaining our quality standards

Quality that you can trust

Although stainless steel reinforcements are generally immune to corrosion through a chromium oxide layer, rust particles can reach the surface and contaminate it in the event of improper processing and handling (e.g. contact with conventional - non-stainless - steel).

To prevent this, we guarantee that our stainless steel reinforcement will not ever come into contact with conventional steel at any time during the manufacturing process, thus preventing contact rust. To achieve this, we have equipped our machinery accordingly: Drawing machine linings, drawing disks, wire pullers, pay-off reels, etc. are made of stainless steel or - in areas subject to low stress - are covered with such steel. This also applies to our transport equipment, unless plastic or hemp ropes are used.

In a nutshell

  • Official Technical Approval
  • No contact-rust through strict separation from common steel materials
  • Continuous supervision by the German office for material testing (Materialprüfungsamt NRW)

Quality Assurance

As a manufacturing plant for cold-worked stainless steel, we have a factory production control system in accordance with DIN 488-6 (German industry standard) for the continuous monitoring of our products. In this way, we ensure that our products comply with the provisions of the building authority approvals of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

Tensile tests to determine the mechanical properties of our stainless steel reinforcement are carried out regularly in our test lab in accordance with DIN 488-6. The test results of each material batch and product type are documented and enclosed with our deliveries in a 3.1 test certificate. Furthermore, the results are stored and statistically evaluated to ensure the long-term quality level of our products.

Independent monitoring

In addition to our factory production control, we are externally monitored by the "Materialprüfungsamt" (MPA) NRW, based in Dortmund, Germany. The MPA is an independent government branch in charge of building inspectorate approvals.

There are two steps being monitored

  1. Confirmation of our test results by carrying out their our own tensile tests.
  2. Further tests are carried out on additional mechanical properties of our stainless steel reinforcement, such as fatigue tests

Compliance with the provisions of our building authority approvals will be confirmed to us by the MMPA NRW through corresponding certificates of compliance. In addition, our building inspectorate approvals are recertified by the DIBt every 5 years.

Our certificates for Germany

These are mostly irrelevant outside Germany, since they are only certifications, but considering the high standards that the German construction industry has, they are worth mentioning. To cut a long story short: Take a look at German architecture and housing. There is nothing like it in any other country - and this is part of the reason.