Application of stainless steel reinforcements

Corrosion causes expensive damages and repair costs

Corrosion damages basically occur in all parts of a building infrastructure. Not only are they a safety- and stability-hazard, they also cause costs in repair and upkeep, not to mention the costs that rebuilding an entire structure would cause. The most common causes for corrosion damages are:

Corrosion through carbonation

Wet or very humid environments or in structures that are constantly switching between wet and dry, such as areas with high humidity or construction parts that are directly exposed to rain)

Corrosion caused by Chloride

Common in environments which contain salt and are either constantly wet or damp, or frequently switching between wet and dry (such as streets and freeways or bridges) and especially areas close to seawater.

Concrete damage through chemicals or frost

Occurs in environments with snow melting granules (such as roads or construction parts exposed to water) or environments under chemical influence

Approximately 3-4% of the gross domestic product - so all of the revenue combined in a single country - are the costs of the damages caused by corrosion.

Study by World Corrosion Organization (WCO), 2009

Stainless concrete steel - a finite solution for the construction industry

To provide the most exceptional level of stability and reliability, stainless steel reinforcements are used to fight corrosion from the very start. Without primers or any sort of coating, stainless steel can be embedded inside the concrete structures. A passive, self-regenerating surface will provide a constant level of protection against corrosion, even if the surface is damaged.

This non-corroding steel will maintain an undamaged, corrosion-free surface. Because of that, its yield strength stays consistent. Even long-term storage outside, which is very common in construction, will not cause any corrosion or loss of the ripped geometry. Therefore this type of steel will stick perfectly in the concrete, guaranteeing a perfect hold inside of it. In case of concrete damages, only concrete needs to be repaired, the steel remains untouched. Additionally, using stainless steel reinforcements allows us to create thinner concrete elements, reducing weight without sacrificing stability or longevity of the structure.

Sustainability and longevity

Stainless reinforcing steel is 100% recyclable and therefore a long-lasting and ecologically sustainable product.

Reducing repair and upkeep costs

Thinner concrete ceilings, less damage from corrosion, less maintenance - stainless reinforcing steel is cost-effective.

Creating new architectural ways

Reducing the concrete cover of buildings enables architects and builders new design options.

Roads and Freeways

Roads, bridges and tunnels - we take those structures for granted, despite the fact that they are constantly exposed to rain, snow, melt accelerators, chlorides and other factors. This makes the highest level of corrosion-protecion necessary.


Built into parts with chloride-exposition, such as piers or protective caps.

Parking garages

Application of stainless reinforcements to prevent cracks in walls, floors and ceilings.

Tunnels and protective walls

Usage in Tunnels and structures with exposure to any sort of water.

Application in large construction

A symbiosis of function and aesthetics has become a common standard in modern architecture. Therefore, architects and contractors are facing new challenges. Even under bad weather conditions, structures still have to be reliable, lasting and stable.


Minimizes the risk of corrosion in parts like construction gaps, such as in balconies

Connectors for thermal separation

To reduce heat loss at thermal bridges


Reinforcement for ledges around doors and windows.

Construction Modules

Integration in precast construction modules to reduce the thickness of the concrete layer.

Further Application

Whenever an important construction part or an interfacing component that connects crucial, bearing structures will be exposed to weather, using stainless steel reinforcements is almost inevitable.


For applications where magnetism is harmful, e.g. clinics or substations

Harbor Areas

Areas of application with high salt concentration, e.g. docks or offshore structures

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