About us

The company

We at SCHEIBINOX are one of Germany's leading manufacturers for stainless steel reinforcements. We employ around 30 people here in Kamp-Lintfort, Western Germany. Cold-working stainless steels is our main focus, as it hast been in our family for almost 30 years.

The people in charge

We're at your side from the planning stage of a project until final execution. Feel free to ask us anything regarding our steel products - we're happy to help.

Dr. Marcel Scheibmayer

Dr. Marcel Scheibmayer

Managing Partner

Focus: Processes, QM, QA and Information Infrastructure

Marvin Scheibmayer

Marvin Scheibmayer

Managing Partner

Focus: Manufacturing and Scheduling

Peter Scheibmayer

Peter Scheibmayer


Focus: Manufacturing and Machinery

Sibylle Breth

Sibylle Breth


Focus: Order Management

What we believe

As a family-run business we naturally keep our employees just as close as we keep our clients. We're not here for short-term profits, we much more prefer lasting, trusting partnerships and we believe in just and long-term relationships with clients, partners and suppliers.

In our offices we try maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere. We do our best to ensure that our employees enjoy coming to work and that no one feels like they have to stick around - just because they have to. This includes, among other things, flat hierarchies, the being on a first-name basis across all hierarchy levels and obviously taking our lunch-breaks as a team like a big family. Our door is always open for feedback, improvements, but also for problems and doubts.

As a business, we are constantly trying to improve and become more efficient on every level - this includes the continuous improvement of our internal and external processes and especially doing the right thing when things go south. Learning from mistakes has always been part of our processes and we managed to improve our workflow to avoid such mistakes in the future.

We are fully committed to the applicable human rights conventions and we support enforcing them. In particular, we think and act according to ethical principles and promote equal treatment, transparency and moral conduct. We expect the same from our business partners.

In addition, compliance with the law and applicable legislation by us and our employees is at the top of our priorities. Guidelines for proper accounting as well as occupational health and safety requirements are just the tip of the iceberg. More importantly, the quality of our products and the associated compliance with building regulations is constantly being monitored by ourselves and the German government branch for quality assurance of materials (MPA) in our state of NRW.

There is both a social and an ecological perspective to sustainability. Socially, we stand for honest collaboration, sustainable business and long-lasting business relationships over short-term profits. Even if this often goes unnoticed in a field such as the construction industry - where pricing is very important - you can expect us to keep our word. 

Ecologically, we are faced with the greatest task of our time, man-made climate change and its consequences, which the generations to come will have to deal with eventually. We want to contribute to this goal by keeping our footprint as small as possible.

That being said, we are particularly proud to be able to call our stainless reinforcing steel a sustainable product. More importantly, it can extend the lifetime of structures by decades in some cases. Large-scale construction often triggers a domino-effect, causing traffic jams, therefore pollution and a waste of resources. Keeping maintenance costs and efforts at a minimum also reduces the environmental impact, such as e.g. traffic jams that last for miles.

Did you know? Stainless steel reinforcements are 100% recyclable and up to 80% recycled material is already used in the melting of the starting material through the use of scrap.

We are convinced that long-term success can only be achieved together. The development of our company is significantly influenced by our employees and the social environment - their health and well-being are therefore important to us.

For this reason, we allow our employees to participate from our success as a business by rewarding their efforts fairly. This includes bonus payments, Christmas and vacation pay, a company pension plan and social events such as barbecues.

However, we also want to give something back to society. For this reason, we regularly donate to various local and national charitable organizations. These include, among others:

  • Hospices for children
  • Associations for the support of seriously ill or disadvantaged people
  • Associations for the support of children in need
  • Local sports clubs and animal-shelters

Company History

We proudly look back on more than 25 years of manufacturing, processing and development of stainless steel reinforcements. The 2nd generation of our family has already taken over and we intend to stay a family business.


Founded as as "ScheiPo - Blankstahlbetrieb und Metallhandel GbR" in Duisburg (Germany) under the managing directors Peter Scheibmayer and Reinhold Poidinger


Certified under Z-1.4-50 for our grade 1.4571


Relocation of the company to its own premises in Kamp-Lintfort


Certified under Z-1.4-228 for our grade 1.4362


Reinhold Poidinger retires. Company name changes to Peter Scheibmayer SCHEIBINOX


Marvin Scheibmayer becomes a manager


Certified under Z-1.4-261 for our grade Inoxripp4486  


Marcel Scheibmayer becomes a manager.


Expansion of our capacity through the construction of a new production hall


Expansion of the company with new offices and common rooms on Max-Planck-Straße 4


Certified Z-1.4-273 for our Inoxripp4486 in the diameters 16 mm and 20 mm


Finally changed company name to Scheibinox OHG under the managing partners Peter Scheibmayer, Marvin Scheibmayer and Marcel Scheibmayer